Custom Pressure Washer Wraps

You work hard to bring buildings to a new level of clean. Now it’s time to bring your image to a new level of professionalism. Custom pressure washer wraps from Standout Wraps help to make that happen. To make the best first impression on your customers and a lasting one in the Indianapolis area, call for a free quote at (317) 342-4453. We wrap all kinds of equipment and vehicles.

How We Wrap Commercial Pressure Washers

For your pressure washers, we wrap the casing around the jets (jetters) with your company colors, logo, and some additional lettering.

Good-looking equipment makes a great first impression. That great impression is multiplied when your customers see your matching wrapped truck, tractor, or trailer.

Note: We do recommend that you wash your wrapped jetters with a method that is gentler than pressure washing. Unfortunately, a pressure washer can damage your wrap. The pressure washer can lift water underneath the edge or corner and can cut through the wrap.

We make it easy.

Benefits of Professional Pressure Washer Wraps

  • They’re outstanding advertising tools. We make sure that your layout is effective and not too busy. Your website and phone number are readable and placed conspicuously.
  • The wraps are installed properly.
  • They keep looking great with the passage of time. Wraps don’t easily fall off when properly applied.
  • Your wraps show that you’re serious about your work and your pressure washing company.
  • If there is an accident and your wrap gets damaged, your repair job gets high priority. We will get your pressure washer wrapped quickly so that you can get back to making a great impression as soon as possible.

Complete Services

In addition to pressure washer wraps, we offer many other services for custom prints and wraps.

Why Choose Us

All in-house service

Family business

pressure washer custom decal service in Indianapolis

Highest quality equipment and materials

Experienced, professional installers

Helping You Stand out From the Crowd

For the best in custom pressure washer wraps that will promote your professional image, turn to Standout Wraps. Contact our team today at (317) 342-4453, tell us about your needs and budget, and we’ll give you a free quote. Based out of Indianapolis, we proudly serve the surrounding area, including Fishers, Carmel, Greenwood, Zionsville, Noblesville, and Westfield. For more information on our business, please see our Who We Are and FAQ pages.

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