Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wrap Coverage Options

If it can be wrapped, we can do it. From a bus, to a Smart Car and everything in-between. We offer full coverage, partial coverage and badge Wraps on almost any type of vehicle. That means no matter what your budget, we can get you Wrapped and rolling in no time!

vehicle wrap coverage full

Full Coverage

Vehicle wraps are fast becoming the most effective way to get your business recognized. If you have a commercial vehicle that needs a wrap, we can do it! Our full coverage wraps give you the biggest advertising bang for your buck, allowing your message to be seen from all sides. Maximum exposure!

3/4 Coverage

Gone are the days of competing for the largest ad in the phone book. Our professionally designed 3/4 wrap guarantees that your business will get noticed.

vehicle wrap coverage 3 quarter

1/2 Coverage

Our half wraps have been a long-time favorite of many of our clients. Depending on your particular needs and requirements. We can often design a half wrap that can deliver effective results. Talk to our sales team to see what options may be available to you.

1/4 Coverage

Our 1/4 coverage wraps are ideal for those who don’t need the benefits of a full wrap or are looking for the simplicity and cost savings associated with smaller coverage. We always ensure we talk to you first about your budget in order to best determine what type of coverage may be best for you.

Badge Wrap

Logos and Lettering for your vehicle can have a great impact if done correctly. Depending on your industry or requirements. the use of a simple logo and text graphics may be exactly what does the job. Come talk to our team to discuss the needs of your particular vehicle. and we can make recommendations on what materials. designs and installation procedures to use.