5 Vehicle Wrap Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid

When you’re in the process of marketing your business, it can be tempting to rush into designing a vehicle wrap and having it installed as soon as possible. However, rushing into this type of design job can lead to costly mistakes that may affect your success with this medium in the long run, so it’s important to avoid these five common mistakes when designing and having a vehicle wrap installed on your car or truck.


One of the most common mistakes people make when designing a vehicle wrap is overcrowding their design with too many messages, images, or information. A clean and organized design is always better than one that tries to say too much. Instead of using every inch of your car’s surface, look for opportunities where you can break up the space with lines or shapes. Make it obvious where the important pieces are so you don’t end up going into a crowded mess.


Corners are very important in vehicle wrap design and installation. If you aren’t giving the wraps the opportunity to bend around the corners of your vehicle, it’s going to look terrible. For this reason, make sure you leave enough space for good corner bends on all four sides of your car or truck. This will ensure a smooth, even application that is as aesthetically pleasing as possible.


Working with an installer who doesn’t have access to a professional wrap bay is a mistake you’ll want to avoid. A professional installer will know exactly how important it is for your vehicle’s edges and curves to be wrapped correctly. Make sure the installers are using custom tools and techniques when working on the more difficult corners of your vehicle.


Paying attention to the edges and curves of your vehicle, and break points on your windows – these areas are typically overlooked by many designers, but you need to plan out where there will be a break in the wrap. Creating an easy-to-follow navigation experience – drivers want as much information as possible while they’re driving – when they stop, they’ll exit their car, which is a perfect time for them to find out more about your business or brand.


A main mistake in vehicle wrap design is not paying attention to the type of vehicle and how designs will look different on each. Placing a cover on a truck bed will be much different than covering an RV windshield. Without accounting for these differences, the message your company is trying to convey may not be clear or consistent. 

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