The Three Styles of Vehicle Wraps: Vehicle Graphics, Partial Vehicle Wrap, and Full Vehicle Wrap

Let’s start with the basics. There are three major styles of vehicle wraps that can be used to promote your business or brand. The difference between these three styles lies in how much of the vehicle surface area is covered by your brand’s graphics, as well as how long you will want the graphics to stay on your vehicle. For example, if you simply want to have your logo on your vehicle, this would be considered a vehicle graphic, which is when you have multiple individual decals or stickers placed on your vehicle without any other changes being made to it.

Spot Graphics

Vehicle graphics are the simplest type of vehicle wrap, featuring only a simple design or logo. Though the graphic designs may not be as elaborate as some other styles, these still are professional looking and effective at grabbing attention from potential customers. The wrap is one color with minimal coverage, which is best for brands that want to maintain their classic look without doing anything drastic, like painting the vehicle an entirely different color.

Partial Wraps

Vehicle graphics are the simplest type of vehicle wrap, featuring only a simple design or logo.

Partial vehicle wraps are a much more interesting design. You can incorporate other features that create emotional connections with your target audience. As always, every car wrap is different depending on the client’s needs. If you’re interested in designing a vehicle wrap for your business, then contact a local signage company like Standout Graphics to get started. There are tons of options available – why not take advantage?

Full Vehicle Wraps

One of the best ways to market your brand is with a full vehicle wrap. A full vehicle wrap covers every inch of your car or truck with graphics telling your story and creating an elaborate tableau utilizing every surface of your vehicle. When hiring a company to create a full vehicle wrap for you, it’s important to remember that they will be an extension of your brand, and as such, they should reflect its quality.